Every year we continue to refine our hunting operation, hosting a small number of hunters and taking care of every detail. Read our hunter testimonials and you’ll know why Mike’s Outfitting is “A Big Game Hunter’s Paradise”.

“Thanks for the incredible hunt in 2017. I know it’s easy to rave about an outfitter when you shoot a very large, high scoring deer or animal, but the real test of an Outfitter in my mind is the quality and hospitality of the camp, the guides employed, the food, and the effort made to create the best odds possible for both having a great time and killing a great animal. I can say without a doubt, that Mike’s Outfitting exceeded my expectations in all the items I list. The camp was comfortable and friendly, the food good and plentiful, the company easy and eager to get after it. And the guides were absolutely world class. My guide had prepared for my hunt and had a plan with specific deer he had pre-scouted, and he saw deer that I would have never seen without him pointing them out. I consider myself a well above average DIY hunter, and my guide, Mike, and the crew were absolutely essential to the success of my hunt. Mike’s is not the cheapest outfit you will find. But they are worth the money and I don’t hesitate in giving my 100% recommendation if you are looking for an Outfitter.”

– Kelly Wendtland

“THANKS MIKE for a wonderful hunt, and thanks to the excellent guide service. A great hunting service and recommended to all.


– Dale Wheeler

“Tony Keim, Iowa 2017 early season moose bowhunt. Just 4 hours my first day on stand and I was done. Big shout out goes to guides Josh and Gerard. Stand placement was perfect. Thanks for helping me achieve the dream of a lifetime…”

– Tony Keim


My brother and I had a great time. I want to hunt for mule deer in 2019.”

– Lorne and Paul Liechty

“Hi Mike:

I had a great time with a great group of guys in camp, which made for a really memorable hunt. Glad to hear your feeling much better, as living in constant pain really sucks! I thought you did a great job dealing with the cook situation and sorry you were not able to get out on your bear hunt with your brother.

Have a fantastic 2018! Let me know if any cancellations come up again. Thanks

– Boyd Thiel

“Hi Mike:

I was happy with the hunt success and would recommend it to anyone else who’s interested in getting an elk, mule deer, moose etc. The guides were excellent and the camp was very good, comfortable etc.”

– Danny Witmer

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

Hi Mike:

You don’t have to include my photo on your website unless you want to, but you can certainly feel free to list me as a reference. Had a wonderful time, and you run a professional camp.”

– Ken Bailey

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials


– Alex Case

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials


thanks for a great hunt and an amazing experience. We were successful in our hunt much quicker than we anticipated due to the hard work of Gerard.

Your camp and food were great, what a well run and organized outfit! This adventure was well worth the drive from Minnesota and we now have stories to tell for years to come.

The meat traveled home perfectly and moose makes some fantastic burgers on the grill.

Thanks again!

– Glen Boeckermann

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for another great hunt. You have a fabulous area and you and your guides know it well. Each time I’ve been there your accommodations and food have been top notch and the variety of animals we have seen always keeps things interesting. As you know from my previous trips with you I’ve always wanted to kill a moose with my bow. Thanks for making that happen. I look forward to getting back and hunting with you again soon.

– Ron Johnson

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

I hunted with Mike for eight years I took 7 moose and passed on the one year that I didn’t get a moose. I also hunted elk with Mike one year, weather was bad and although I didn’t get an elk it was a great hunt. Mike really knows his area And has a great bunch of guides, any of which I would hunt with. I was attracted to Mike’s Outfitting because in the SCI auction list he stated no horses, bogs etc. he also has the most honest web site you will find! He states 30-45 inch bulls with 45 being the exception! Right on the money! My largest is 40 Inch. All have been great and being farmland bulls the hunting is easier than you might expect. Excellent cook, accommodations, guides and he has an excellent person to handle your moose meat, which is perfect. I will miss hunting with Mike in 2017 and hope I will be able to hunt again in the future.

– Carl Jorgensen

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

This was my third hunt with you, twice for moose and once for elk and I have all ways got my animal, you and your guides work very hard to make sure it happens! The fact that I chose to take a young bull was by my choose and having consumed several meals it was a good one!!

I hope I get a chance to enjoy your warm hospitality in a year or two!

– Roger Henry

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

Thanks for the email. I guess we are on the same page. Thank all of you for giving me a good time up there. you run an excellent camp up there. good equipment, good food, more moose sightings than all of my other hunts put together. although I must say yours is a unique situation.

Your camp and guides are on par with Peterson’s point lake camp in the NWT. It was a wonderful place to go.

I have a friend that might want to head up to your camp in 18. I’ll let you know. Thanks again.

– Steve Hilgart

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

The experience hunting with you was great. Sam was a very good guide and we could not have been happier with him and the service provided. We saw animals every day and ultimately both took very nice bulls.One thing that impressed me was how accurate and honest the information you provided prior to the hunt was. I have hunted with several outfitters and no one comes close to you for the information being just what we experienced.

On a side note you have the best camp cook I have ever heard of simple outstanding.

– Dale Van Ert

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

Still on a mental “HIGH” from the experience of my Whitetail Hunt with your operation this late November. I am putting those White tail antlers right next to my forty two inch Cape Buffalo trophy and “Roland Ward” trophy South African Impala. I know the White tail I took didn’t actual meet the “Trophy Standard” that you would prefer your client’s to take but to me it is a representative “Trophy” from a great personal experience. The Buck I took certainly complemented, if not in “trophy” size, a great experience that more than met expectations of what I long imagined a White tail hunt to be (that was my first White tail hunt )

It goes with out saying your own daily involvement with the hunting clients and your management of the Lodge operations to provide great meals, a friendly atmosphere and clean comfortable accommodations adds greatly to the overall Hunting experience.

I was impressed with the high quality of your equipment, Hunt infrastructure and stand alone professionalism of your guiding staff. I must add that I was exceptionally impressed with the “High Tec.” innovations, from the Azonic equipment and the rear facing mirrors, that are incorporated into the well constructed, very comfortable, pain-stakingly camouflaged elevated “Box Blinds.” Overall Mike your operation is right on par with, and in many subtle ways exceeds , the best International Hunting Operations I have visited from Africa, Australia Argentina to the Arctic of Canada.( that’s an AAAA rating )

– Wes Cox

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

I really enjoyed the hunt, your set ups are perfect for a traditional hunter, good guides, and good people make the difference. I realize the weather wasn’t the best for bear hunting and if this was a bad year I would love to see a good year, 22 different bears with 3 that would make Pope and Young. I just happened to take the smallest of the three, not disappointed at all, its always been a dream to take one with the stick and string from the ground and I thank you for the chance to do just that. I will be back to hunt with you again, maybe for elk/moose with a bow but bears again as well. Might have to break out the bow with the training wheels on the limbs for that hunt, it has a whole lot of dust on it though but I shoot it better than I shoot the recurve. Thanks again and take care, I will be back!

– Ken Dittig

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

It sure was a pleasure hunting with you, meeting your beautiful family, and the quality guides. I had a great time. That area is certainly “game rich”. The trophy I brought home exceeded my expectations by a mile or more. I hope you and your clients have a great balance of the season and have lots of fun chasing critters. Thanks again, stay safe, and Happy Hunting!

– Dennis Weller

Mike's Outfitting Testimonials

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the good times.You run a great operation with great accommodations, food, lodging, and great guides. I couldn’t of asked for a better time. I keep showing off my deer pictures to anyone I get up to, and replaying the hunt over and over in my head.

– Blake Luse